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Dermatology and skin care in the Triangle has changed. Completely.


  •  SAME DAY appointments with an experienced top-rated Board Certified Dermatologist.

  • Just one stop for comprehensive expert medical, surgical and cosmetic treatment.

  • Most insurance accepted, including UnitedHealthcare.

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Welcome to Preston Dermatology!


Board-Certified Dermatologists Dr. Solomon and Dr. Kilpatrick and their caring team at Preston Dermatology understand your unique skin type and prioritize your individual goals. We will work expertly to achieve your very best skin health and painstakingly customize the perfect treatments for you.


This is the result of years of expertise, world class training and above all a genuine passion for ensuring the best possible clinical care and an unsurpassed patient experience.

“They do their research and want to see a board certified dermatologist.”

“They want to see the specialist first time around, not wait to be referred.”

“The Preston Dermatology patient expects to have all their skin care needs addressed at once and get the customized treatment only a specialist can provide.”

“They want to be respected and cared for like family every time.”

“The Preston Dermatology patient expects to leave with a smile.”

Who is the typical Preston Dermatology patient?


“The Preston Dermatology patient expects the very best of everything.”

“The Preston Dermatology patient puts their health first. They want to get the best treatment because they deserve it.”

“They don’t want to wait for weeks to see their doctor. But at the same time they do want to see a real skin doctor!”

“They value their time and their money.”

“The Preston patient expects clean, elegant offices and the friendliest staff.”

“They expect the best deal and the best quality at the same time.”

“The Preston patient wants to understand the science of their skin and their treatment.”

SAME DAY appointments with an experienced top-rated Board Certified Dermatologist.


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