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BTL Cellutone machine
BTL Cellutone machine benefits

BTL Cellutone Treatment:

Dr. Sheel Solomon is an expert in the treatment of body contouring and cellulite. Preston Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center, PA is proud to be a recognized Medical Center Of Excellence for Cellutone and Exilis 360 and Exilis 360 Femme treatments.

What is Cellutone?

A cutting edge non-surgical cellulite treatment,  using vibration therapy to improve circulation and lymphatic flow. It treats the skin and fat, targeting sluggish blood flow, lymphatic drainage and abnormal fat and connective tissue structure and inflammation. 
Cellutone is often performed following non-invasive, radio frequency fat removal by Exilis.
Oftentimes, Cellutone on its own can provide more subtle improvements in body contour and reduce tissue swelling or bloat in areas of excess fat.

Where can I treat?

Cellulite and fat accumulation of the buttocks and thighs are most commonly requested targets but also increasingly the arms and legs. Undeniably treatments to the mid section alone to decrease bloat or to enhance the results of Exilis noninvasive fat removal has shown spectacular results by enhancing fat cell death and elimination of more fat cells.

How do I prepare?

This is a painless procedure with no downtime. Patients with mild bloating in the midsection may benefit from Cellutone treatment alone, as may some patients with fine textural irregularities of the buttocks and thighs categorized as mild cellulite. We always recommend medical evaluation and patient counseling to identify individuals best-suited for Cellutone. The Cellutone treatment usually takes less than 10 minutes per treatment zone.

When can I see results from Cellutone?

Cellutone requires a series of treatments. They are usually spaced about 5-7 days apart, although this may vary, particularly if Cellutone is being completed in conjunction with Exilis. Results may be visible after a few treatments, although skin texture may improve further a few weeks after completing a series of treatments.

How long does the treatment last?

Cellutone results if used alone require periodic maintenance to help improve circulation, lymphatic flow, and tissue manipulation in the area of cellulite. If used in conjunction with a body contouring procedure like Exilis, results should be long-lasting providing there are not any major weight fluctuations or changes in diet or exercise patterns.

How long does the procedure take?

A single session of Cellutone takes 5-10 minutes per area being treated

Is Cellutone cellulite treatment painful?

No. Cellutone is a painless procedure and requires no oral medication or topical numbing to be extremely well tolerated. There is a vibratory sensation to the treated area during the Cellutone procedure, and there is a repetitive pattering sound as it treats the skin. Occasionally, mild itching may follow treatment but quickly resolves.

What are the possible side effects of this treatment?

Side effects are rare and extremely mild in nature. Patients with easy bruising or taking medications or supplements that thin the blood could experience mild bruising, redness, or small red spots (tiny bruises called petechiae) following Cellutone treatment.

Is there any downtime following the treatment?

No. This treatment should not interfere with daily activities and patients may immediately resume their normal routine.

Is there any aftercare following the procedure?

There are no strict precautions following the treatment. Patients are asked to refrain from taking blood-thinning medications and supplements during treatment as this may increase the chance of bruising.

How much does it cost?

Cellutone is offered at a discounted rate if combined with Exilis as we strive to create superior patient outcomes. If completed on its own, the procedure is priced as a package of 4-6 treatments rather than as a price per single session.

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